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"1 chat was all it took for Mai to change my mindset "

"Mai helped me refocus my fears and insecurities into actionable changes"

"She quickly identified how to solve and deal with my mental roadblocks"

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    Sean Marsland

    "Mai is a wonderful person! 

    Her posts are very helpful, but I hadn't quite experienced the magic of the service she offers until we had a live video call. She made some excellent observations and suggestions

    I can clearly see the shift in my own mood and energy from the beginning to the end of just one 30 minute call!

    I would recommend anyone get in touch with Mai! She has an abundance of great energy. She is empathetic and understanding.

    I'm excited to see how much more progress we can make in our future calls!"

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    Project Manager

    "I knew from our conversations that [Mai] was a very genuine person. She definitely practices what she preaches but I had no idea what I was expecting.

    Mai helped me unlock that potential and it has made me stop and think about certain words or phrases that I tend to say often, normally be excuses for myself.

    Connecting with someone who was previously a stranger was not easy for me and I really enjoyed this experience

    If you are looking to have Mai as a coach, I would recommend her for sure. If you are unsure what a Mindset coach is and if you should even consider it, I would say all you need to do is give her a chance." 

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  • "I have written goals for many years, and recently after the pandemic, they did not motivate me. Through LinkedIn, I got to know Mai through posts and comments, and when she said she was doing a 5-Week Goals Accountability Program, I jumped at the chance.

    We would meet regularly, and she’d check in with me on those goals. And also do a lot of state shifts and mindset changes to my language while on the zoom call.

    As a result of this work, much of the work happened away from the call, and I was thinking about the same old problems as opportunities and goals were happening.

    The outcome of these sessions is that I have gone beyond my expectations with my health and wellness goal, made new relationship strides with my daughter and wife, and have the building blocks for a new business venture.

    It’s beyond my expectations, and I loved working with Mai. I recommend the 5-week program to anybody who wants to blast through their goal expectations."

    Matthew Kirk, Head of AI Data Management
  • "Mai has excellent insights and an aura of optimism grounded in reality.

    She has helped me elevate my mindset and establish systems with the highest impact to help me work towards my goals and improve my lifestyle.

    One thing that impressed me beyond what I expected was that she would remember details from previous sessions, and bring them up at the opportune moments.

    I would recommend Mai to anyone who wants to upgrade their lifestyle through setting goals and putting a spotlight on them to establish good habits and systems."

    Joseph A. Hearn, PhD, Data Scientist
  • "Mai has been speaking to me directly without even knowing it through her posts. Every time I would see a post I would think, “This is me, I have those issues, how does she know? So it’s NOT only me?” After speaking to her for 30 minutes I knew I spent my time wisely, every meeting after that has been a building block to help refocus my fears and insecurities into actionable changes. Mai takes her time and gets to understand your habits and provides great feedback, I hope to continue to learn and be motivated by her! Highly recommended!" 

  • "I didn't know what to expect but I learned SO MUCH about myself - the way I present myself, my demeanor, mentality, tonality, and body language.

    I realized even if you've seen success with your current mindset, you can always elevate your game to the next level with a coach.

    Super grateful to have met Mai and hope to be working more closely with her."

    Brian Kwa, Tech Recruiter (ex-Google, Youtube, Uber)
  • Life-forward, Go-getter, humble, inspiring, and motivating are just a few words that come to mind when thinking about Mai.

    Building rapport and creating paradigm shifts elegantly and uniquely are superpowers of hers! Her ability to empathize, and read others and their energy, allows her to give you precise coaching and feedback for your situation in real-time.

    Her knowledge and approach to problem-solving, mindset shifts, and remaining focused on what matters most are remarkable.

    Anyone working with Mai as a client, customer, or friend will be in for a treat. She inspires and motivates me everyday to give back and help others in need.  

    Ren Serrano, Enterprise Sales & Partnership Development
  • "Mai is an absolute delight to speak with! Her energy and enthusiasm was magnetic as soon as we started chatting

    I went in to the conversation with an open-mind, but she has a remarkable gift of encouraging you to view your situation from a different lens and gain clarity. I felt amazing once the session concluded, with not only practical advice to counteract negativity, but I also felt like I gained a new friend in her. 

    Her intentions are pure, and I would recommend her anyone who feels the need to build mental resilience. She will definitely support you :)

    STEPHEN E, Executive Partner
  • "Mai, from the first time we started to chat through LinkedIn, I knew there was something different about you. You had an enormous heart of empathy towards people and me as a person "you saw me for me" without judgment, which is a rare quality these days. She has a beautiful way of connecting with someone, and how she speaks and thinks from her experiences and the way she thinks. She doesn't overprocess. She shoots straight, not with a hurtful tone but with a realistic, empathetic tone. Even after our first call, I felt lighter and more myself. Clearer headed

    I would recommend her to help anyone who feels stuck in the negative thought patterns in life. Thanks, Mai, for guiding me on this journey by helping me to learn how to reset my mindset.

    I look forward to more calls.

  • "Mai is one of the most dearest and beautiful people to come across. 

    She is not just a Mindset Coach but a person who'll make you feel beautiful from within. She'll make you an inner strong person and will help change your mindset towards various things and thoughts. 

    I strongly recommend you'll to get coached by Mai :)"  

  • Our virtual Bring Your Own Lunch and Learn: "Create your own reality - Positive Mind and Body Image" facilitated by Maiyu Ly was a perfect way to kick off the New Year. 

    Instead of adopting resolutions or goals, you believe you should be adopting. Maiyu taught us to explore the "WHY" behind the choices carefully. She taught us to be aware of our personal triggers and our negative thoughts and images that might derail our plan.

    She provided us with some simple tools and strategies, which will help us to be more positive and mindful as we take on this year.

    We received very positive feedback from our employees who attended. My personal favourite message from Maiyu was "Seek discomfort, to grow you need to feel a bit uncomfortable". She reminded us all to be patient and understand that accomplishing any goal takes time.

    Sheila Kendall, Vice President of Human Resources at Dempsey Corporation
  • Mai is super helpful and I love her attention to detail during our call. Our discussion on mindset and the recommendations she provided was much needed for this stage in my business. 

    She is a great listener and does not shy away from telling you what she notices. 

    Having another perspective, such as Mai's, would improve any business owners' mindset from good to better! Would 100% recommend and will be talking to her again in the near future.

    Brandon Abas, Video Content Specialist
  • "Maiyu Ly is amazing! I really recommend anyone to just try and have a conversation with her. I'm absolutely positive you will get value from it.

    The first time I talked with her, she made me realize a subconscious insight about myself within 10 minutes of our conversation! If that doesn't show how attentive and insightful she is, I don't know what would. And as a result of our conversation, later on I was even able to learn something new about myself, once again, thanks to the way she analyzed (in a very casual and comfortable manner) a specific detail I mentioned in our talk.  

    Getting on a call with her is literally a no-brainer and it's my pleasure to endorse someone as passionate about her work and clients as she is. She can truly UPGRADE your mindset!"   

    PEDRO SOUSA, Success Coach
  •  "During my 1x1 session with Maiyu, we were able to identify my challenges while interacting with my clients by simply just switching my energy and mindset.

    We were able identify how I often approached my interactions with the wrong mindset, which lacked confidence, a poor message, and not a positive energy to share with my clients. During my interactions, I would often just start pitching my product rather properly researching about the clients products or online features.  

    By switching my mindset and energy, I am able to be more confident and present my message with a higher positive energy. I am able to see overcome obstacles by simply switching my prospective. I feel more confident with my communication skills allowing me to be more "human" during my interactions.  

    I would recommend her for anyone who may be having a challenge with their mindset or energy, and she can point you in the right direction!" 

    CARLOS MESQUITA, Business Development Representative
  • "Mai has a strong sense of people. She’s inspiring and I’m glad I get to cross paths with her. 

    I’m a very stubborn person and usually would want to seek my own perspective on things (especially my career) but she understood me the way I wanted to be understood. 

    Mai is very proactive in life. Thank you for all your help!"     

  • "I found the session to be incredibly eye opening and informative. I reached out hoping to gain advice on whether to take a new job opportunity. After a lot of thought after our call I was able to make a concrete directional decision about my career that I was finally happy with. I wasn't sure going into it what I would get out of it but I am happy I took a leap of faith to reach out and learn new and enlightening perspectives. I have learned I need to take more time learning about myself and my interests which is something I have always struggled with the realization of. I highly recommend :)"

  • Maiyu Ly is the absolute real deal - she talks the talk alright, but she truly walks her walk too!

    Mai is as authentic and genuine as they come, and she brings loads of empathy and passion to her profession! She's bright, wordly, curious and has energy overload!

    If you're not connected with Mai, do yourself a favour and connect with this wonderful human! If you're connected and have yet to engage her - engage! She's extremely approachable and receptive!

    Oh and if you feel like you're not maximising your potential, feel unfocused or are mired in negative vibes - book her, she will change your POV in 30 minutes - I promise!

    Thanks for your time yesterday, Mai and I look forward to more engagement in the future!

    Brett Chamberlain, Recruiter
  • Mai has no idea that I'm writing this. I have known her for about 6 - 7 years. She was a corporate woman working 2 jobs and dealing with big city and big jobs stressed and challenged.. Since she has gotten involved with Mindset she is a changed person. I've never seen her smile and laugh so much. 

    She is amazing and never seizes to amaze me. She is now living the dream. So go ahead folks and call her. Trust me she wont bite. It will be the most important call of your life.

    Jim Leamen, CSCM Facilitator
  • I wholeheartedly endorse Maiyu.

    I have seen her journey from an employee to a coach with great zeal. 

    I had the pleasure of having a few conversations with her that help me reestablish my own resolve to move forward my career.

    Anyone looking to change your life and career, please reach out to her. She's an avid listener and will advise you appropriately.

    Fabian Khan, Demand & Supply Planning
  • Easily one of the sharpest coaches I have had the pleasure of meeting

    She was able to show me how the language I was using with myself was detrimentally affecting how I perceived the world. 

    Definitely someone I would recommend.

    Kalvin Nhan, Fraud Risk Lecturer at Seneca College
  • We talked about different perspectives of life and trying to make my mindset more clear. 

    She is so accurate in understanding the person that whatever she told me was right and she showed me a clear way for the future that will help me to achieve my goal. 

    This session cleared a lot of doubts from my mind. I will recommend others to book a session with Maiyu Ly to discover yourself.

    Thank you so much Maiyu Ly for being a great coach.

    Vikas, Software Developer
  • This call with you helped me see things differently, less with my emotion and more logically. 

    You gave me precious advice by sharing your own experience with me and I feel like I have a better vision now. 

    Thank you very much for your time and compassion, this is definitely a huge step forward! 

    Joanna Bouya, Commercial Assistant
  • You’ve really allowed me to sit and think about what I really want to do deep down in my heart.

    I realized that there really is no “good job”. The “good job” is what you yourself want. I’ve now realized that doing what you really want to do allows you to make the most of everything in life. Money and status should not defy who you are and what you are passionate about.

    When I see that you have pursued something YOU truly love and help you make the most of everyday, I want to do the same. Doing what you truly want paves a much positive/ happier pathway.

     I don’t worry like I used to. Like you said, it is important to “create the reality you want.” 😊 Thank you very much 😊❤️️ 

    Chanel, Senior High School Student
  • [I’m] moving along the process. I’ve been more intentional with my responses [while interviewing] and so far it’s been great. Really happy I didn’t quit my job!

    Thought about what you said about having time, and you’re right. I have time to do all the things I wanted.

    Really thankful for the opportunities I’ve come across recently 😊.Being more intentional has definitely helped me in this journey. Really appreciate you! 

    Anonymous, Sr. Consulting Analyst
  •  That 15 mins of coaching from you was not *only* therapeutic but also made me realise how I am as a person and what difference I can make through sheer kindness, love and compassion. It made me think positive (ONLY) about myself and change my mindset towards me.

    All because of YOU and your heartwarming efforts. You have a keen eye of noticing people and going deep into their minds.

    THANK YOU! 🙏🏻🤍

    Blessed enough to be a part of the wonders of your coaching! My sincere pleasure! 🙏🏻🤍 

    Taronish Khambata,

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  • John stewart
    John Stewart

    "1 chat was all it took for Maiyu to change my mindset. I had a pretty rough 2021 changing jobs and trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Maiyu gave me some advice and I have never forgot it. 100%, Genuine, mindset coaching. 10/10 😊"

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    Alex Helmut
    Online Business Consultant

    "Mai is awesome! In a call with her, she quickly identified how to solve and deal with my mental roadblocks and gave me actionable advice on how to change my thought pattern in order to get out of my own way!

    Thank you!"  

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